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5 things to make with PVC

PVC is an excellent option for any outdoorsman that likes to do things using the hands. Plus, it doesn’t require advanced skills and the results can be overwhelming. If you’ve never thought of using this type of material, now it’s the perfect time to start learning new tips and incorporate them into your house projects.

Fishing rod holders

Because fishing enthusiasts are ingenious at finding clever options when spending time and waiting to catch a fish, PVC is a great tool used to substitute for a rod holder. Even though you can spend large amounts of money for holders that keep the rod, you can use one piece of PVC pipe to build quite a few. This comes in handy especially in situations when you have multiple rods equipped with bait.

In order to make the holders, simply cut a PVC so that the one end forms an angle and the other one remains straight. Then, stick it into the ground and leave the rod there. You can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Build a shoe rack

This is an interesting project because we all know how annoying it is to have your entire shoe collection spread at the door. Take some PVC pipes with a large diameter and cut them into equal pieces. Afterward, use a top-notch velcro to seal them together. In the end, you’ll get a great flexible rach where you can store your shoes or any other personal items such as gloves, umbrellas or scarves. Depending on the area that you have, you can make it smaller or up way to the ceiling.

Set up garden trellis

If you own a garden and you want to make sure that your plants are in order, you should set up a lightweight PVC trellis that is portable and can be easily maneuvered.

Just make sure to get a pair of flat PVC panels and connect them in an A-frame form with the help of zip ties. In order to encourage the plants to climb, add extra strings for vertical support. When the season ends, you can cut those zip ties and stack the panels in your garage or hand them outside on a wall.


Make a lamp

Instead of buying a new lamp for your living room you can always get a jigsaw and a lamp kit and assemble your own PVC DIY lamp. Make sure to saw the pipe into small 6-inch pieces and cut each pipe according to your own style and choice of length. Using a drill, make holes for a broader spectrum of light and get spray paint if you want to add color.

Waterproof storage

When going on a camping trip or for a hike, you need a waterproof container to store your belongings. Therefore, get a PVC tube and put your cell phone, wallet, car keys, and fishing license and attach a screw-on lid on the end to enable water from getting inside.