3 compact workshop tools to consider when you have limited space


While you can easily start doing DIY and woodworking projects with a drill press and table saw in your workshop, you can still do a lot with a few compact tools to start with. These three compact tools will enable you to have some money left over for materials while requiring little closet space.



Cutting tools

Able to execute plenty of cutting tasks like its larger counterparts, a cordless circular saw works a lot like a standard circular saw or a table saw. It may not establish plenty of speed records but a cordless circular saw is still capable of cutting to a one-inch depth. The tilting base enables you to do beveled cutting up to 45 degrees.

Go for a model designed to handle pegboards, medium-density fibreboards (MDF), plywood, melamine, particle boards, and drywall. This type of instrument can also trim to all sizes. This is the kind of tool that costs a little over $100 but offers plenty of utility value in one easy-to-use compact machine.

For cutting curves, do-it-yourselfers of various skill levels will appreciate the functionality of a jigsaw, which can replace a scroll saw or bandsaw.


Hole drilling

A drill is indispensable in any workshop and a hammer drill is always a sensible investment. It may not easily replace the best drill press but this kind of tool comes with the extra heft needed to keep your hand from shaking when cutting straight holes.

A hammer drill also doubles as a driver for securing fasteners or for masonry tasks.

Multi-function tools

Multi-tools, otherwise known as oscillating tools, offer a remarkable versatility for sanding, cutting, scraping, and grinding applications. You can even swap accessories instantly depending on what you want to do with the machine.

If you have to perform plunge cuts or need a tool to work as well as any orbital sander, this is the tool to grab a hold of. No drywall knife in the toolbox? Get an oscillating tool instead. Need an angle grinder in a pinch? Take that oscillating tool and finish the job.

Make sure to go for a lightweight tool that ships with a wide range of accessories for maximum versatility.

A rotary tool, like an oscillating tool, comes equipped with a host of accessories that increase its star power in any workshop. Precision is also beyond expectations. This type of tool answers the need to pay attention to detail when you have to cut, grind, and sand with unerring deftness. This type of compact tool is more than just a hobbyist device thanks to its tremendous versatility.

Some brands such as Dremel offer cordless rotary tools that are definite consumer favorites among all others on the market.