The worst workshop tools I’ve ever used

Ever since I’ve been a little kid I enjoyed working around the house and watching my dad fixing things. I grew up to become quite interested in running a household and, more specifically, comply with its constant demands.

Thanks to a set of skills I have acquired over the years, as well as to my handyman dad, I now manage to do most of the things around the house myself, without requiring the help of electricians or expensive contractors.

I know how to fix a tire, to change a lightbulb, to draw some holes into the ceiling in order to hang things, as well as how to mount a bookshelf.

But my wisdom didn’t come easy. Throughout my journey, I have stumbled across many tools that seemed to work great at the beginning only to learn they were a complete waste of time and money. In order to help you avoid these tricky situations, here are the top workshop tools you should avoid.



Anything that is cheap

If you walk into the 1 dollar shop and expect to walk out with qualitative items for your house, you are more than wrong. In fact, the only time I decided to give such tools a try was when I was looking for an affordable glue gun.

Although I only needed it to work one time, it was by far the worst investment I’ve ever done. The glue gun not only did not glue anything, but it started spreading glue in all the wrong places, making it impossible to fix anything with the slightest precision.

What I am trying to say is that when it comes to workshop tools, what you pay for is what you get. Cheap tools may do the trick once or twice, but don’t expect them to work forever or be of any help when it comes to finesse jobs or those that require precision.

Not even nails and pins can be trusted from this store as they will easily fall off the surface and break, leaving you with a nice hole in the wall and nothing else.


Anything bought from telemarketing

If you want to complicate your existence with a bunch of useless stuff around the house, try watching any telemarketing show for more than a few minutes. Apart from getting totally brainwashed, you will also end up with no money and tons of products you most definitely won’t use even once.

Telemarketing sellers have a way to determine you to yearn for things with questionable quality and exaggerated prices.

Machines that promise you to help you get rid of fat and build the abs instead of you? Just forget them and get a regular subscription to a gym, just like the rest of the mortals out here. Frying pans that promise you no cooking oil? Stick to a balanced diet instead.

It is the same with the toolboxes that are presented in these shows. Most of them come with numerous unnecessary tools that you might think you’ll receive for free.